Introducing RAM

Revenue Acquisition Management

The ability to acquire revenue through digital channels is the strategic agenda for marketers.

Marketers Encounter
A shifting battlefield

Advertising is Undergoing a massive disruption

As a marketer, you are seeing consumers shift their media time away from traditional channels such as television, print, and radio, towards the emerging digital channels of search, social, video, and mobile. Advertisers are increasingly shifting investments towards these channels. 

As a result, the battle for revenue acquisition is moving online as advertisers seek more effective ways to reach their audience.

Global spend on digital advertising is expected to grow from $98 billion in 2012 to $174 billion in 2017*

* Magna Global

New Opportunities Bring

New Challenges for Marketers

Managing Complexity in a Fragmented Marketplace

The fast-moving and complex nature of online advertising makes it challenging for marketers like you to remain agile and keep pace with innovation.

Fragmentation and Scale -  The proliferation of digital channels, publishers, targeting options and advertising formats has marketers like you swimming in complexity, making it challenging to manage digital campaigns in a coherent and efficient way.

Impact of Social & Mobile -  The continuing growth of social and the remarkable adoption rate of mobile devices challenge marketers with the added complexity of selecting, monitoring and optimizing countless new, and often untested, channels and ad formats.

By 2015, more u.s. internet users will access the web via mobile devices than PCs or other wireless channels*

* Pew Research Center  1Magna Global    2eMarketer

Thoughts on RAM

Industry Leaders Reflect

Microsoft quote Symantec quote Neo quote

Gaining Visibility and Control

Across Digital Channels

Analyzing and Acting on Massive Amounts of Data

Despite the inherent measurability of online advertising, marketers still struggle to gain actionable insights to optimize campaigns.

Lack of Integration -  The lack of integration between data from publisher systems and data from web analytics, CRM, call center, and other enterprise applications makes it challenging for businesses like yours to understand performance and optimize revenue outcomes.

Big Data -  With ever increasing amounts of data, marketers struggle to cut through the clutter. Big data analytics are increasingly required to correlate and analyze data in real time, quickly spot outliers and trends, and aggregate data by relevant dimensions such as business lines, products, and geographies.

The Holy Grail:

Finding & Driving Revenue

You need tools to optimize revenue outcomes

Winning the battle for revenue requires advanced optimization techniques to maximize returns on advertising spend and revenue outcomes.

Auction Complexity -  With the advent of performance based advertising, advertisers now need to continuously recalculate optimum bids for each ad unit, accounting for changes in seasonality, products, and consumer response.

Campaign-Driven Optimization -  Bid optimization is no longer enough to win in the battle for revenue. Sophisticated marketers must continuously refine campaign structure and ad creative to maximize the relevance and impact of marketing programs.

By 2015, spending on marketing analytics will grow by 60%*

* The CMO survey   8Revenue Outcomes Matter To Online Advertisers, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Marin Software, January 2013. read it here



In the age of digital marketing, smart marketers are breaking out from their competition and overcoming these challenges with Revenue Acquisition Management (RAM)—an emerging category of technologies that enable advertisers to improve revenue outcomes and return on investments from digital advertising.

Revenue Acquisition Management solutions allows marketers to manage the complexity of advertising across multiple channels, publishers, geographies, languages and devices, provide them with complete visibility and control over programs, and enable them to optimize digital advertising to meet desired revenue goals.

By 2017, Chief Marketing Officers will spend more on I.T. than Chief Information Officers*

* Gartner

Marin Software

The leader in RAM

Transforming Complexity into Opportunity

Marin offers the complete revenue acquisition management platform, incorporating the workflow, analytics, and optimization tools necessary to enable marketers to save time, make better decisions, and improve financial results.

Marin represents a natural evolution for the marketer, offering tools that measure, manage, and optimize digital advertising campaigns to achieve desired revenue outcomes. Marin directly addresses a number of challenges by allowing marketers to:

  • Better manage complexity -  by becoming more efficient in responding to shifting market and technology trends
  • Gain visibility and control -  across programs to make better decisions about where and how to allocate marketing spend
  • Optimize for revenue -  outcomes through predictive bidding tools and intelligent recommendations

With Marin, advertisers can transform data into actionable business information and complexity into opportunity - which is the simplest equation to drive revenue. Learn more about how Marin Software can help you win the battle for revenue.

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